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  • 2013-11-26

    Forum Systems featured in Network World products of the week

    Last month, Forum Systems'API Security Gateway, Forum Sentry, was featured inNewtork World's products of the week!Recently, Forum Systems has enhanced theirAPI Security Gatewaywith new features that include: intelligent edge caching, Amazon S3 integration and expanded OAuth 2.0 support.The new intelligent edge caching will help enterprises optimize their network resources and ultimately reduce their overall infrastructure costs by minimizing latency. Amazon S3 integration allows organizati [...]

  • 2013-05-03

    Forum Systems Recognized for its leadership in Security

    Navigating SOA appliances: How to choose the right oneCorporations are increasingly driven to open up their internal systems to external and internal users.With an accelerated adoption of mobile computing, employees require access to enterprise applications from both within and outside the corporate boundaries.Corporations are only willing to provide such access with strong security provisions in place.Crystal Bedell's recent article highlights the drivers for a SOA Appliance:S [...]

  • 2012-05-30

    Exotic, new connections: Embedded devices

    Prepare for a host of new networking problems as devices never meant to be computers become network connected, reports Deb Radcliff.http://www.scmagazine.com/exotic-new-connections-embedded-devices/article/236308/3/Phones, vehicles, traffic lights, medical devices, buildings, even weapons – everything's getting plugged in these days. This connectivity might make sense from a management and efficiency perspective. However, these devices – often chip-enabled and communicating over [...]

  • 2012-05-09

    Service Technology Magazine: Reducing Application Cost and Risk through Centralized SOA Security

    Service Technology Magazine recently published an article on the merits of centralized SOA security.Here's the abstract:Abstract: This article compares centralized and decentralized application security models. It focuses on technical costs and organizational considerations while comparing these models. The analysis shows that centralized management of security policies has significant advantages over decentralized application security deployments including cost reduction, better risk miti [...]

  • 2012-01-06

    IT Knowledge Exchange: XML security appliance shopping advice

    James Denmanwrote an interesting piece titledXML security applianceshopping advice where he talks about real-life challenges faced by customers and their use of XML appliances such asForum Sentryto solve such problems.Earlier this month I wrote an article on a Software as a Service provider that employed a SOA security appliance for authentication and identity federation. OmegaFi, the SaaS provider in question, fills an interesting niche – providing financial services for Greek fraternities an [...]

  • 2011-12-12

    SC Magazine Rates Forum Sentry Product Five Stars

    What's the difference between a Security Gateway product and a Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?Security!You never let users develop and deploy custom code in a gateway.Custom SOA functionality is better suited for ESBs or application servers.Deploying such functionality in a SOA/XML gateway is fraught with risk.It breaks the key paradigm of separating security from application functionality.Security functionality should never be coded by an enterprise, it should only b [...]

  • 2011-12-05

    SaaS provider hooks frats to Facebook with help from SOA appliances

    James Denman's article shows a real-world example of how social media such as Facebook and SOA have converged.Web Portals now use rich content from a variety of sources and providers.Users are now not only expecting Web SSO, but also direct integration of their social media content with corporate services.The Facebook integration used for SSO highlights how SOA, SSO and Social media are now central to corporate IT services.A Software as a Service (SaaS) provider specializing in [...]

  • 2011-08-03

    ITBusiness Edge: Old Reliable - FTP Still Relevant in an SOA, Cloud World

    Loraine Lawson covers"Old Reliable"FTP and its relevance to SOA and Cloud Computing. FTP is"reliable"as in"a reliable friend that you can always call,"however, the protocol itself is not reliable for content delivery unless Managed File Transfer (MFT) type products are used to enable reliability using FTP. The article is well written and covers an important trend that brings SOA, Cloud Computing, and Managed File Transfer under a single, manageable umbrella. Excerpts from the a [...]

  • 2011-07-27

    Updated XML gateway brings FTP under the SOA governance umbrella

    Jack Vaughan's recent article covers an important emerging trend: convergence between SOA and MFT technologies. Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a baseline mechanism for information movement within and across corporations using legacy protocols such as FTP. However, with the emergence of modern SOA-related protocols, companies are now migrating away from less secure and less reliable MFT transport protocols. This trend is also driven by regulatory requirements including PCI, HIPPA, and GLBLink [...]

  • 2011-07-05

    SC Magazine: Federation 2.0 - An Identity Ecosystem

    Deb Radcliff's defining, informative and well thought out article on the current state and future of Federated Identity is a must read for all SOA, Networking and Security professionals. According to Deb (excerpts from article):Federated identity, the process of authenticating someone across multiple IT systems and organizations, is taking on new meaning with the growth of cloud and mobile.Synovus Bank, with 30 banks on the East Coast, didn't want to manage the identities of its approximately 1 [...]

  • 2011-04-25

    Network Computing: SOA Security = XML + WAF

    WAFs are well designed for protecting static HTML traffic, however, with the wide proliferation of SOA and the reuse of SOA-based components in dynamic web portals, significant XML, JSON and other non-HTML traffic is now generated from portals.Handling security for sophisticated web portals requires functionality beyond that available in Legacy Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).Network computing recently published a review of the industry-first integrated WAF + XML appliance, Forum Sentry W [...]

  • 2010-12-21

    SOAPSonar 6.0 from Crosscheck Networks Capable of Testing Unlimited Users in Cloud

    Here an article coveringSOAPSonar 6.0, the leading SOA Testing product. The latest version provide a number of capabilities including testing cloud providers as well as testingusingclouds.For detailed article, see: SOAPSonar 6.0 from Crosscheck Networks Capable of Testing Unlimited Users in Cloud

  • 2010-12-16

    Financial firm finds highly scaled testing for proliferating SOA services

    Jack Vaughn, Editor-in-Chief of SearchSOA published this article on real life scenarios in SOA Testing and general SOA adoptions trends.Article highlights are as follows:a well built re-usable service will have high demand and a high number of transactions and consumersthrough automated SOA Testing products such asSOAPSonar, 100% scenario coverage is possibleendurance and performance testing are also a core part of SOA Testing.Service traffic includes traffic from RESTful services and has [...]

  • 2010-11-30

    Forum Systems: The only patented replacement to Cisco ACE Gateway

    Jim Duffy's Network World Blog -- theCisco Connection-- highlights the Cisco ACE XML Gateway replacement offered by Forum Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks.Forum Systems is the only patented XML Gateway in the industry.Migrating to non-patented products from other XML vendors exposes corporations to excessive liability and non compliance.Furthermore,"me too"technologies that copy leading patented products eventually fade away much like the Cisco ACE XML [...]

  • 2010-11-08

    Cisco ACE Replacement Strategy: Choosing the right XML Gateway

    XML Gateways are a core component of SOA deployments.SOA testers, developers, architect are intimately familiar with XML Gateways as a central component for enabling XML Security, Integration, Identity and Management.Recently,Cisco published End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Sale (EOS) notices to its customer base for the Cisco ACE XML Gateway.Forum Systems pioneered the XML Gateway Appliancespace in 2001 with the launch of its product Forum Sentry.A number of vendors followed this path b [...]

  • 2010-08-05

    MIT System Design and Management Program Hosts Experts on Cloud Computing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

    The MIT System Design and Management (SDM) summer 2010 business trip kicked off at the Faculty Club with a keynote address on entrepreneurship and leadership by Mamoon Yunus (MIT Mechanical Engineering, 1993 and 1995), President and CEO of Crosscheck Networks.Yunus, who was introduced by Unatek CTO Charles Iheagwara (SDM 2010) after an opening statement by SDM director Pat Hale, saw a"gap"in the cloud computing movement and in 2004 founded Crosscheck to build technology that would scrub XML traf [...]

  • 2010-07-09

    Understanding Enterprise-to-Cloud Migration Costs and Risks

    For CIOs, CTOs and business application architects, cloud computing has become inescapable aspect of their overall IT strategy. As businesses consider approaches to migrating parts of their infrastructure to the cloud, IT organizations wrestle with fundamental questions such as:What applications or its components should be migrated to the cloud?What should be the order/priority of migration?Which IaaS cloud provider should be selected based on application performance and reliability requirements [...]

  • 2010-06-25

    Europe CloudExpo : Understanding Enterprise-to-Cloud Migration Costs and Risks

    Migrating to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is an attractive option for corporations that want to shift from a capital expense to a pay-as-you go model. Regardless of the business driver for cloud computing, of which there are many including reducing costs and adding nimbleness, large enterprises are now faced with re-evaluating their core IT assets with an eye towards enterprise-to-cloud migration for improving business efficiencies. However, beyond qualitatively appreciating the benefits o [...]

  • 2010-05-24

    Using SQL Azure for SOA Quality Testing

    SQL Azure provides affordable and rapid collaboration across SOA Test teams using SOAPSonar, the industry leading, comprehensive SOA and Cloud Testing product. This article provides an overview of using a shared repository: SQL Azure for collaborative SOA testing across dispersed SOA Test teams.SQL Azure is a promising option for corporations that deploy Micrsoft technology and are interested in leveraging cloud computing to reduce IT costs and respond rapidly to business requirements. For co [...]

  • 2010-05-10

    Network World: 15 Cloud Companies to Watch - Crosscheck Makes the List

    Innovative vendors offering ways to make the transition to a cloud-based world less daunting.Here are excerpts from the article published by Beth Schultz of Network World:Why we're watching the company: Service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing companies have begun rounding out their product lines with tools aimed at giving IT organizations more confidence as they plan for application migrations to the cloud. The product can also ease the infrastructure and cost burdens of building out lab env [...]

  • 2010-04-26

    CTOEdge: Crosscheck Models Cloud Computing Performance

    "One of the biggest problems with cloud computing is that IT organizations are hesitant to move an application into the cloud when they don’t know what to expect in terms of performance.  Crosscheck Networks intends to help IT organizations overcome that uncertainty with a new modeling tool for cloud computing called CloudPort."Mike Vizard, CTOEdgeFor complete article, see:http://www.ctoedge.com/content/crosscheck-models-cloud-computing-performance 

  • 2010-04-12

    SOA-Cloud Testing: CloudPort simulates data-center to cloud migrations

    In the absence of quantifiable data, enterprises are challenged to make well-informed choices when it comes to migrating to the cloud.Instead, they often find themselves forced to make these strategic decisions based on ad-hoc or partial information.This is a risky and unproductive approach, especially when typical migration process requires moving numerous components -- including databases, application servers, ESBs, identity stores, and BEPL orchestration engines -- to the cloud.&n [...]

  • 2010-03-29

    The modern XML Gateway appliance: from acceleration to integration an into the cloud

    XML appliances, a core component of IT deployments, process XML-based information including SOAP and REST messages. In the early 2000s, the first phase of XML appliances focused on providing security at the enterprise edge where traditional firewalls could not prevent against XML-based threats.As XML adoption increased, accelerating XML traffic that is typically bloated and verbose became a requirement.This is where companies such asForum Systemspioneered the first XML applianc [...]

  • 2010-02-22

    Customer Case Study: SOA and Cloud in 2010 - Talking with Crosscheck and Omega Financial

    Insightful podcast byJessica Ann Mola, Managing Editor at eBizQ with John Woolbrigth, CIO of Omega Financials and former CTO of Synovus Financial and Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Crosscheck Networks that explores the following items:Defining cloud computing. Are SOA and cloud synonymous?Pre-requisites and barriers to enabling cloud computing in an enterprise IT infrastructure.Impact of current economic climate as hurting or helping cloud/SOA adoption.Architectural moving parts necessary for building SOA [...]

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